HQbird: Advanced Firebird SQL

IBSurgeon HQbird is an advanced distribution of Firebird for enterprises.

It is an enhanced, fully compatible, feature-rich distribution of FirebirdSQL that provides superior performance, reliability, and instrumentation.

HQbird is not a fork or alternative version of Firebird database, it is an advanced distribution of FirebirdSQL for enterprises. You can install it on top of existing Firebird and get enterprise features out-of-the-box.


Download trial version of HQbird now, and improve your Firebird in a few minutes.

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HQbird replication


1. Replication, recovery, and high availability

HQbird (Enterprise edition only) includes powerful tools to create fault-tolerant systems based on Firebird databases.

HQbird also includes the advanced recovery toolset to fix corrupted databases, corrupted backups and to undelete occasionally deleted records.

HQbird optimization


2. Complete optimization toolset

HQbird has the most advanced tools in the world to find and fix bad SQL queries, transactions problems, and database structure issues.

HQbird optimization tools can track and fix all performance problems with Firebird.
And, HQbird contains set of Firebird configuration files, optimized for better performance.

  HQbird Backups


3. Complete automatic maintenance

HQbird implements a full cycle of automatic maintenance for big Firebird databases: sweep, all sorts of backups and support for VSS backup in virtual machines.

With HQbird, you will never lose or overlook an important backup, even if you have many databases in various locations.


HQbird Health Check and Monitoring


4. Online health monitoring

HQbird permanently monitors your Firebird database and server: more than 30 parameters are monitored to ensure an availability of your business data.

In the case of a problem, you’ll get an alert before things go bad.