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IBSurgeon Pack 3.6

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Personal, 1 workplace - EUR 499 /USD$649 Tech Support, 4 workplaces - EUR EUR 1299/USD$1699

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IBSurgeon Pack - 5-in-1. All recovery and optimization products in the single package for EUR 499!
IBSurgeon Pack is a complete set of tools to solve emergency problems with InterBase or Firebird databases:
  • recover corrupted databases (IBFirstAID+FBFirstAID),
  • extract data from corrupted backups of InterBase/Firebird databases (IBBackupSurgeon),
  • undelete occasionally deleted records (IBUndelete),
  • perform analysis of InterBase/Firebird databases statistics and get recommendations for database regarding performance bottlenecks and index problems (IBAnalyst).


IBSurgeon Pack Personal is for 1 workplace with restriction in license agreement to repair only databases and backups which are directly owned by customer.
For technical support IBSurgeon Pack Tech Support should be used - it contains 4 workplace licenses and allows to recover clients' databases.

More products

There are several products intended for administration, troubleshooting and maintenance of InterBase/Firebird production databases:
  • For proactive protection and complete monitoring of database and environment we offer FBDataGuard.
  • For SQL queries sniffing, SQL profiling and logging purposes we offer FBScanner.
  • For transaction monitoring we offer simple, but powerful IBTransaction Monitor (it's functionality is included in FBDataGuard) which is able to monitor database transactions remotely.

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