How to make Firebird to consume a lot of memory?

Sometimes we got cases when the Firebird process consumes a lot of RAM.
Here are 3 main reasons why it happens. Please note - these are NOT recommendations :) Please don't run them on the production!

1. Set page buffers too high

For example, for SuperServer
DefaultDbCachePages = 500000M      # pages

Restart Firebird and try to connect – the result will be error message "Unable to allocate memory from the operating system":

isql -user SYSDBA -pass masterkey  localhost:e:\temp\blob30.fdb
Statement failed, SQLSTATE = HY001
unable to allocate memory from operating system
-IProvider::attachDatabase failed when loading mapping cache
Use CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE to specify a database

The same result will be in case of many connections with SuperClassic or Classic with a relatively high number of page buffers, according to the formula:  Page Buffers X Number of Connections X Page Size.

2.  Firebird process size can grow due to the massive operations with temporary BLOBs
Try to run the following script (not on the production):

create generator g1;
set generator g1 to 0;

execute block
 declare variable blb BLOB;
 declare variable icnt integer;
while (icnt <100000000) DO
select cast('1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm' as BLOB)  from rdb$database into :blb;
select gen_id(g1,1) from rdb$database into :icnt;

3. For Classic and SuperClassic it is possible to specify the big number of page buffers in the connection string of isql.exe, and it will be allocated for this connection

If Page Buffers is not set explicitly in the header page (i.e., equal to 0)

C:\FB\30Cs>echo set list on; set stat on; select mon$page_buffers from mon$database; | isql -c 98765 /:e30 -user foo -pas bar
Database: /:e30, User: FOO
MON$PAGE_BUFFERS                98765

Current memory = 869314176
Delta memory = 75760
Max memory = 869334512
Elapsed time= 0.001 sec
Buffers = 98765
Reads = 3
Writes = 0
Fetches = 42

set bail on;
set term ^;
execute block as
    declare n int = 10;
    declare c int;
    declare my_password varchar(20) = 'bar';
    while (n>0) do
        execute statement 'select 1 from rdb$database'
            on external 'localhost:' || rdb$get_context('SYSTEM', 'DB_NAME')
            as user current_user password my_password
                role lpad('', 20, replace(uuid_to_char(gen_uuid()),'-',''))
        into c;
        n = n - 1;