HQbird 2020 Update 2

HQbird 2020 has its 2nd update, with the following changes:

  • New feature "Run Now" to start a scheduled task immediately. For example, you can start the backup operation or Cloud Backup. Please note: the job must be enabled, in order to use "Run Now" feature.
  • Fixes in the email sending system. We need to do some changes to follow the requirements of popular email providers (Gmail, Office 365, yahoo, etc).
  • Improvements in multi-thread backup feature to speed up huge backups: for example, now we can do the backup of the 721Gb Firebird database in less than 2 hours.
  • The size of HQbird installers for Linux has grown because we decided to include .debug files into the distribution. These files do not affect the performance or stability of Firebird but help in case of serious problems.
Please download and install HQbird 2020 Update 2!