Firebird Performance Tour: Seminars in Moscow, Prague, Bad Sassendorf

Firebird Performance Tour 2019 will take place in Moscow (November 29, 2018), Prague (December 4, 2018) and Bad Sassendorf, Germany (December 6, 2018).

Firebird Performance Tour will be devoted to the complex parts of SQL queries optimizations and their monitoring. 

Seminar's schedule

  1. New features in Firebird 4 — Dmitry Yemanov, Firebird core developer
    The short overview of Firebird 4.0 new features.
  2. Explained SQL plans in Firebird 3 and 4 — Dmitry Kuzmenko, IBSurgeon
    Explained plans were introduced in Firebird 3, they make optimization of SQL queries much easier, but nobody knows how to use them effectively! This presentation will guide through the elements of explained plans and provide the necessary basis for the next presentation.
  3. Understanding Firebird JOINs — Dmitry Yemanov, Firebird core developer
    • How 3 types of Firebird JOINs work: Nested Loop / Merge /Hash
    • How optimizer chooses JOINs, how the order of joining influences query execution
    • Differences of INNER/LEFT join optimizations
    • How to hint JOINs for better performance
    • Tips and tricks for complex queries with JOINs
  4. Monitoring of SQL queries in Firebird — Alexey Kovyazin, IBSurgeon
    Firebird has 3 main types of monitoring: MON$, Trace API and queries statistics. How to effectively combine them to get answers every developer asks: what is a bottleneck of the system: CPU, RAM or disk IO? What queries create the load for the system (and should be optimized first) and what could be omitted?
  5. How to optimize heavy SQL queries with GROUP BY/ORDER BY — Dmitry Kuzmenko, IBSurgeon
    The proper optimization of queries which perform large sorts is not a trivial task. In this presentation we will consider differences in SQL plans and cache usage in case of different approaches for heavy sorting queries, and, of course, ways to optimize their execution.
  6. Clustering: On the road from Master-Slave to Master-Master — Dmitry Yemanov, Alexey Kovyazin
    In this presentation, we will consider Master-Slave and future Master-Master implementations of Firebird native replication and discuss already implemented cases of replication, which are used to increase performance with read-scaling in the Firebird cluster.
  7. Bonus: New Tips and Tricks To Speed Up Firebird database — Alexey Kovyazin, IBSurgeon
    Those who already read "45 Ways to Speed Up Firebird Database" — there will be new tricks on how to increase Firebird database performance.
Registration: visit official seminar page here.