New version of Firebird Encryption Plugin Framework: now with gbak support!

IBSurgeon is glad to announce the availability of the new version of Firebird Encryption Plugin Framework: the fast and easy way to add transparent and strong (AES256) encryption for Firebird databases.

The new version includes the following features:

  1. Pre-built binaries for Firebird 3.0.3: Windows 32/64 and Linux 32/64
  2. gbak.exe with encryption of databases and backups.
  3. Full sources included
  4. Unlimited license for redistribution with all business applications of your company
  5. Detailed examples of the implementation in Delphi, PHP, etc
  6. Implementation support - our engineers will help you to implement and integrate encryption
  7. (Optional) SQL development tool with the encryption support
Download and try Firebird Encryption Plugin now!