IBTM Transaction Monitor

IBTM is a part of HQbird Standard now!

IBSurgeon Transaction Monitor (IBTM) is a software package designed to monitor, view and analyse dynamic transactions within InterBase and Firebird databases.


Main features

With IBTM you can find potential and real problems in your production systems, including:

  • Performance bottlenecks
  • The actual load of your production system
  • Abnormal terminations and client crashes
  • Transaction management problems
  • Database availability
  • A visual representation of transactions behaviour providing different points of view

Platforms supported

IBTM can monitor databases located on any platform supported by InterBase or Firebird, i.e. Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, etc (for non-Windows platforms the monitor service should be located on a remote computer that has an installed InterBase/Firebird client).

How IBTM works

IBTM gets transaction markers statistics (Oldest Interesting, Oldest Snapshot, Oldest Active and Next) and visualize their movements. Also, it gives an intelligent suggestions about transaction's behavior.

With IBTM administrator or developer can easily understand the real transactions behavior in dynamics and find out what happens with database, for example:

  • Some application holds long-running active transaction (to find out an exact transaction number and its origin use MON$logger)
  • Peaks in transactions' load
  • Moments of sweep (planned and non-planned)
  • Gaps between transaction markers, caused by rollbacks (with potential garbage) or long-running transactions

You can check multiple statistics at the same time by pressing Ctrl or Shift button and clicking on the statistics files:

Описание: E:\IBSurgeon\IBTM\ibtmv002.gif

In the lower left corner you can turn different graph lines (Next, Oldest…) off and on

For more details please see IBSurgeon Transaction Monitor User Guide.