IBSurgeon Enterprise Pack

IBSurgeon Enterprise Pack is replaced by HQbird Enterprise.

IBSurgeon Enterprise Pack is an ultimate set of recovery and optimization tools for Firebird and InterBase, with enhanced licenses.

Enterprise Pack includes all IBSurgeon tools: FirstAID, IBBackupSurgeon, IBUndelete, IBAnalyst, FBScanner, FBDataGuard, IBTM. It's a "7-In-1" solution for serious enterprises and ISVs.

What licences are included in IBSurgeon Enterprise Pack?

Enterprise Pack contains increased number of licenses than original products:

Product Original # of licenses Licenses included in Enterprise Pack Regular price, EUR Pack price, EUR
IBSurgeon FirstAID 3 databases 25 databases 179 (for each 3 databases)


IBBackupSurgeon 1 workplace 2 workplaces 199 (for each workplace)
IBUndelete 1 workplace 2 workplaces 119 (for each workplace)
IBAnalyst 1 workplace 2 workplaces 159 (for each workplace)
FBDataGuard 1 server 2 servers 149 (for each server)
IBTM 1 server 2 servers 99 (for each server)
FBScanner 1 server 2 servers 149 (for each server)