Firebird Tour 2017: Optimization seminars

Firebird Project, IBSurgeon and IBPhoenix are happy to announce Firebird Tour 2017: a series of seminars around the globe, devoted to the performance optimization of Firebird databases. The speakers will be Vlad Khorsun and Dmitry Yemanov (Firebird Project), Dmitry Kuzmenko (IBSurgeon), Alexey Kovyazin (IBSurgeon) and Pavel Cizar (IBPhoenix).

The topics of the seminar:

  • Tuning hardware and operation systems (Windows and Linux) for the best Firebird performance.
  • Firebird Internal performance details: how it works inside Firebird
  • Tuning techniques for SQL queries and advanced diagnostics of performance.
  • Advanced SQL performance in Firebird 3.0

Seminars will take place:

  1. in Hotel Extoll Inn, Prague (Czech Republic) at October 3,
  2. in Haus Düsse (Bad Sassendorf) (Germany) at October 5,
  3. in Moscow (Russia) at October 19 (more details later).
Early Bird subscription is open! Seats are limited! Book here.